‘The Mighty Kern River’ book brings awareness to local beloved river

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — As we get closer to the summer months one natural beauty we have here in our backyard is the Kern River.

The Kern River has been the main focus of attention for Bring Back The Kern. The organization partnered with a local newspaper writer- turned author, and graphic design artist- turned illustrator to bring more awareness to the ongoing efforts to re-water the Kern River. The collaboration is bringing awareness through a new children’s book called “The Mighty Kern River”.

This is Indy, this is also Indy, and this too is Indy! Indy was the inspiration for a children’s book series called “Indy, oh Indy”. Indy’s owner, and author of the series Teresa Adamo takes readers of all ages on adventures around Kern County with the help of colorful illustrations by Jennifer Williams-Cordova. The latest book in the Indy presents series is called “The Mighty Kern”. Adamo and Williams-Cordova were approached by a local community group, Bring Back the Kern to write an educational book about the Kern River and the surrounding environment.

“They had watched the Indy books progress and knew we had an audience, and we were making that connection with Bakersfield history, and they asked if we might be interested in doing a story about the river,” said Teresa Adamo, author of “The Mighty Kern River.”

This story is part of the ongoing effort by Bring Back the Kern to raise awareness around Bakersfield’s need for a flowing river year-round. As Adamo and Williams-Cordova began brainstorming, the creative juices flowed onto paper and before long they felt a connection to their newest story about the river.

“It basically takes you on a tour through the Kern River, from the top all the way down to the Buena vista lake and it, it’s educational it talks about the different aspects of the river, but in a fun way,” said Jennifer Williams-Cordova, illustrator of “The Mighty Kern River”.

The book features new characters and while Indy is not the main character in this adventure, she still makes a cameo. The story shows a utopian version of the river, Adamo says it’s an example of what they would like the river to look like all the time.

“We want kids and families to realize that we have this natural resource, I think that once the book comes out, fingers crossed, we want to hear those stories of people saying they went to go see it, or they spent some time there, or they went camping, or they went up to the kern valley and did one of the river rafting trips,” Adamo said.

This collaboration with Bring Back The Kern is meant to instill a sense of pride in the Kern River and bring awareness to a more often than not dry river but before a single book is printed. The duo must meet a goal of $6,500 in pre-sales before May 23. If they don’t meet this goal their project won’t be funded at all and printing costs won’t be able to be met.

Kickstarter is an online funding platform for creative projects. This platform is an all-or-nothing platform so the ladies either meet their entire goal of $6,500 by May 23 or the donors won’t have to pay for anything, and the book won’t be able to be printed at this time. So far the ladies have reached $3,800. For every 6 pack reward level pledged Indy oh Indy will donate one copy of “The Mighty Kern River” To the Kern County Library and help spread awareness and knowledge of the kern river more abundantly. For more information on “The Mighty Kern River” follow them on social media.

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