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The adoration conference is a one day event meant to remind high school girls in our community how beautiful and powerful they are.

The event looks to encourage, empower and equip young women to walk forward in confidence of who they are and where they are going.

The conference helps girls in our community see what they’re capable of and that everything they need is already inside of them.

“The goal of the Adoration Conference is to bring together a bunch of junior and senior high school girls from in and around Kern County to remind them that they are deeply valued, respected and loved.  The definition of adoration is deep love and respect.  I want the girls to come to the event and leave not only deeply loving and respecting themselves, but all the women they were there with,” said Makenzie Hollar, founder of the event. 

The Adoration Conference has a powerful purpose, to break down social barriers and unite young women in our community.  

It’s a place of inspiration, motivation, acceptance and love.

“It is extremely important as women.  We need to understand that we are worthy and we are wonderful and everything, every single adjective that you can think of belongs to women and belongs to everybody, but as girls we have to understand that.  Going through high school is so hard and she puts this conference on to just have a day to realize that it’s all going to be ok and that we can talk about whatever we want to talk about and we can cry about whatever we want to cry about and that’s ok.  We can all figure it out together,” said Brynnlee Gratt, conference participant and senior representative. 

The main culprit for young women in today’s world – social media.

“I think social media has had a huge impact on this generation. We hear about bullying but it goes so much deeper than just verbal. It’s mental, because it’s social media and it gets in our heads. Girls go home and they second guess everything they say, they do, who they are, so I want to bring everybody together in the community to remind them who they are and that they don’t need to change who they are and they’re exactly who they were made to be moving forward in their future,” Hollar said. 

Thanks to Makenzie Hollar, hundreds of young women in our community are beginning to realize just that. 

“She’s just a special person.  There’s no other way to describe it.  As soon as she walks into the room she lights it up.  I think that she has a gift for showing other people that they’re loved and for loving on other people and making sure that they feel important.  There’s no way to really describe the way that she makes you feel, it’s just an automatic switch that gets flipped that as soon as you’re around her you feel loved, you feel important, you feel worthy, you feel as though there’s value to you,” said Jenna Williams, conference participant and former senior representative. 

Hollar said she is motivated by her faith and her family to put the event on.  

2019 marks the third year for the Adoration Conference. 

The event is Sunday and is sold out, but Hollar will release a limited number of tickets.  

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