TEHACHAPI, Calif. (KGET) – The ladies of the Tehachapi Mountain quilters are on a mission to send love and comfort to displaced Ukrainians. They’ve been sewing messages of care and love to dozens of quilts. But this time, they are inviting the community to lend a hand.

“We’re so lucky,” said quilter Maureen Kelly. “We have something we enjoy so much and has such a nice benefit to it.”

It’s not the first time they embark on such a mission. Their quilts give comfort to children hospitalized at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and have even comforted those that lost it all during the Dixie Fire.

“We still have the enthusiasm to do more,” said quilter Cheryl Johnson. “It provides warmth, I hope it provides them with the feeling that someone cares about them.”

Each individual quilt has a patch that the quilters create to let refugees know these quilts are coming all the way from Kern, particularly the town of Tehachapi.

“It’s just a way of letting this group of people know, the Ukrainian people know that people in the world know what is going on,” said quilter Eve Hall. “They are not left alone by themselves.”

Thousands of squares have been created but thousands more are still needed. Each square is decorated with a bright yellow sunflower along with the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

“Here is a simple block,” said Hall. “What can we do to personalize this to symbolize the people we are sending this to?”

The cloth squares will eventually go to noted German quilter Claudia Pleif, who will finish the quilts and distribute them to refugees in Ostrada, Poland.

“They had smiles on their faces when they received their quilts,” said Kelly. “It was very touching, I think.”

The Tehachapi Mountain Quilters are continuing the effort on Monday at Stallion Springs Community Church from 10 am to 2 pm. The community is invited, and materials will be provided. If you have a sewing machine, you’re encouraged to bring that with you.

“They left with a suitcase and now there is something here for them, that is theirs alone,” said Hall.