Taylor’s Tailgate: a new-look Renegades team returns to the gridiron

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — For nearly two years, an eerie silence has blanketed Memorial Stadium. That changes tonight. 

The Renegades open the season against El Camino College — a moment eighteen months in the making for a man yet to coach a single game at Bakersfield College. 

“It’s like a ‘finally’ type of feeling,” first-year head coach R. Todd Littlejohn said. “The fact that we’re actually building towards something, I know last year there was some uncertainty, and now that’s out the window. So, just excitement.”

What kind of team should we expect to see from Littlejohn? 

“Tough, hard-nosed football,” Littlejohn said.

That starts in the linebacker room, where sophomore Brock Mather leads a group eager to see the field.

“We’ve been working hard since that 2019 season ended,” Mather said. “We’ve been through all this but we haven’t stopped working. We’re just ready to go.”

Because last season was canceled due to COVID-19, most sophomores have the same amount of game experience as freshmen — that is to say, none. In fact, only a handful of Renegades have ever played in a B.C. game. Mather and wide receiver Myran Randle are two of them, and they’re ready to return to the gridiron.

“I’m gonna be so pumped to play at home after two years of not playing,” Randle said. “All that built-up aggression, you can finally let it out.”

Randle, Mather, quarterback Garrett Castro and the rest of the team have just one goal in mind. It’s an old football cliché, but it’s one Coach Littlejohn swears by.

Go 1-0, every week.

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