BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — One Tehachapi couple was subject to a crypto scammer who posed as a Southern California Edison electric company employee.

On Nov. 9, a Tehachapi couple received a call from a suspect claiming to work for Southern California Edison who scammed them of deposits totaling over $1,400, according to Tehachapi police. The scammer initially told the couple they had to pay for new equipment to keep electricity and power for their business. The couple was instructed to make the deposits at a Crypto ATM located at 1050 Capital Hills Parkway.

The couple was further instructed to call the number back after making the deposit to confirm details. According to officials, the scammer had a Southern California Edison recording when dialed, sounding just like a real phone directory. The scammer managed to get the couple to make another deposit, bigger than the first, due to ‘complications of the previous payment’.

When the scammer demanded a third payment, the couple knew something wasn’t right. Any attempts to re-contact the scammer at the phone number went unanswered and the recording is now on a loop.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is urged to call Tehachapi Police Department at 661-822-2222.