TEHACHAPI, Calif. (KGET) — Dreams came true in the mountains. The Make-A-Wish Foundation in central California completed wish 1,000 to a boy in Tehachapi.

It was a day full of adventure with the community of Tehachapi coming together to make a dream come true. That wish for a young boy dreaming to become a superhero.

Thor, Batman, and Captain America. They’re heroes, iconic symbols of justice.

Logan LoCascio’s dream was to become a superhero just like them. At the Tehachapi Apple Festival on Saturday, he got that chance, by becoming Super Logan.

“He has a condition called Prader-Willi Syndrome which impacts his muscles and he wanted to be really strong for a day and have super speed,” Ashley Sodergren the regional director for South Valley California Make-A-Wish Foundation said.

This 1,000th wish from the Make-A-Wish Foundation made Logan’s dream a reality. 17’s Maddie Janssen put out the call for Super Logan.

A supervillain known as the Bitter Apple attacked the festival. Logan suited up and rushed in to help. Super Logan donning his new cape and armor, broke through walls, saved the mayor from being crushed by a rock, and saved a dozen veterans from the evil Bitter Apple’s toxic fumes.

Logan’s father Chris LoCascio joined him as his sidekick, Wonder Dad, as they fought against the Bitter Apple.

“It’s lovely,” Chris said. “Everything about this, is community. Everybody was with Super Logan when he was saving everybody and cheering him on.”

“I actually feel happy,” Logan said. “I didn’t know that my wish was going to come true today.”

Logan showed off his new super human strength by lifting a 500 pound barbell. In the end everyone cheered and thanked Super Logan for saving the day.

“I’m very very proud of Super Logan,” Chris said. “He brings happiness wherever he goes and now he gets to bring strength, speed and courage. I couldn’t ask for more in a super hero.”

“Stay strong. Stay powerful,” Logan said.

Super Logan ended his day meeting his fans and signing autographs leaving a memorable mark on Tehachapi.