BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – The Super Bowl is this Sunday and America has questions about the game. Can Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes operate with a bad ankle? Can the Kansas City offensive line slow down the Eagle’s rush?

But the most important question is: how many Buffalo wings does one man need to get through a three-and-a-half-hour football game?

The answer, according to aficionados of that sloppy, distinctly American delicacy, is – more than you might imagine. The world record is 501 in 30 minutes, a number we’re assuming is unapproachable when guacamole and tortilla chips are also within reach — but a dozen or so?

 Oh yeah. We’ve done that. And we may again. 

According to the National Chicken Council, a total of 1.45 billion wings will be consumed during the day, due to more favorable prices for chicken. Inflation? What inflation? NPR reports that grocery store prices for chicken wing platters are down 28% from last year – even as egg prices have spiked. Somebody explain that.

What is it about chicken wings anyway?

Co-owner of Stupid Wings in northeast Bakersfield, David “Gordo” Barhum is something of an expert.

“They’re finger food,” he said. “They’re easy to eat. Just grab one, just bite it, and some people take one slurp and it’s all gone, so it’s really fun. Just like pizza is for other events, wings, tenders, sandwiches, they’re all greatest for any sporting event, especially for football, Super Bowl Sunday.”

Just be careful with the slurping. Those bulbous tendons and sharp corners can be hazardous. Seriously. We might root for the other team to choke, but we don’t want to see anyone having trouble at our Super Bowl gathering.

As for the game itself, everyone at Stupid Wings seemed to have an opinion – and it was unanimous for Philadelphia,

“Philadelphia is just gonna walk all over them, 31-10,” Barhum said. “Let’s say 31-10.”

Well, almost unanimous. Stupid Wings manager Christopher DeLeon made us some outstanding spicy and spicy-sweet wings, but don’t go to him for betting advice.

“I couldn’t even tell you who’s in the Super Bowl,” he said. “I was asking my wife. And she’s looking at me like, ‘What do you mean?’ I have no idea who’s in the Super Bowl. No idea.”

But when it comes to suggestions about the Super Bowl party cuisine, you might want to take the recommendation of the folks here at Stupid Wings. It is better to be safe than sorry. Stock up on Buffalo wings.