More than 500 people came out for the opening of the newest entertainment venue in Bakersfield as Studio Movie Grill opened its doors rolled out the red carpet officially opened for business.

“I’m excited because there is nothing like this is Bakersfield,” the theater’s general manager, Teejay Scharf, said. 

Bakersfield’s newest movie venue holds ten theaters, ranging in size from 46 seats to 150.

“I was shocked by the quality of the sound system and how amazing the theaters were,” Mark Buonauro said. “The seats were, it’s like being at home. It was so cool.”

Made-to-order food and cocktails at your fingertips, with just the press of a button.

“We do have the popcorn, we have the candy, but we do a little twist on stuff,” Scharf said. “You can get what they call pickle spice on your popcorn or cheddar truffle salt on it too, so we do it a little bit different. We also have California rolls, we have pizzas, flat bread, salads, burgers, you name, it something different for everyone.”

Marina Calvillo took her husband to celebrate his birthday with dinner, drinks and a movie.

“It kind of caters more to the adult crowd and I mean if we can mellow out, relax, have something to drink and kick back and watch a movie that’s a plus,” Calvillo said.

The luxury theater does more than just treat you like a movie star. It will also feature special needs screenings and menu items that give back to the community.

“Chef’s for Children is on the menu, when you look it’s a two for $29,” Scharf said. “Five percent of the proceeds go directly to donation here in Bakersfield. We don’t go anywhere else but Bakersfield.”

The official grand opening celebration is next Thursday, April 19 from 5 to 7 p.m.