BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Two students have settled a lawsuit brought against the Bakersfield City School District over its modified summer learning program in 2019.

The students alleged the district’s summer school cancellation violated California school funding framework because the decision was made without the required input from parents or other stakeholders, according to a release issued Monday by Greater Bakersfield Legal Assistance, Inc. The suit also said the district didn’t account for $1.6 million in restricted funding that was originally earmarked for summer school.

“Because of this lawsuit and settlement, students and families in BCSD will have
greater protections for their right to participate in school funding decisions during the next school funding (Local Control and Accountability Plan) cycle,” said Valentin Narvaez, the students’ attorney with Greater Bakersfield Legal Assistance.

The district has agreed to solicit stakeholder input before making substantial changes to its plan in the future, the release said, and will provide greater transparency in the information it shares with parents and stakeholders.

BCSD in 2019 initially planned to cut its summer school program entirely, citing its $1.6 million cost, but later said it would offer 20 days of school at four sites, funded through a state grant.