Student-led anti-discrimination committee created after alleged Frontier High LGBTQ+ harassment incident

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The Kern High School District approved a new student-led committee to combat discrimination.

The concept was sparked after an incident at Frontier High in August, when the school’s gay-straight alliance meeting was allegedly met with students holding “Make America Great Again” flags and straight students holding hands yelling “this is what’s right.”

“We were really moved by that, so we really wanted to create a district-wide committee in order to prevent those types of issues from ever happening again,” said Liberty High junior, Grace Yum, part of the group that spearheaded this committee.

Also part of that group, Centennial High junior, Martin Higuera, who added, “this board will be basically an anti-discrimination board that will relay all instances of discrimination that happen in our school district.”

The committee will offer suggestions to the district on disciplinary action and help plan sensitivity workshops.

“This just shows that the kern high school district is really trying to create a safer environment for its students in order for them to learn,” Yum said.

“This is absolutely a step in the right direction in addressing all of these issues of discrimination in our school district,” Higuera said.

While details on this committee have yet to be ironed out, there’s the possibility that four students will be chosen from each high school to be in the group.

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