BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Amid a growing concern of reports of overdoses and hospitalizations among students, the Kern High School District released information about steps it is taking to prevent drug overdoses.

In a letter to parents, guardians and staff, KHSD said there have been “a few potential overdoses” on campuses in several Kern County school districts reported this school year.

KHSD stated several steps it is taking to prevent overdoses.

KHSD officials said the district’s Student Behavior and Supports Department has made over 40 presentations to students, staff, and parents on the dangers of substance abuse. The district has also said staff has been educated on how to identify students who may be under the influence and how to respond to it as well as identifying students who may be using opiates.

Staff throughout the district has also been trained on the use of Narcan, KHSD said in the release Friday. KHSD is also providing drug counseling opportunities at school sites and referring students and families to outside resources.

Officials also provided steps parents and others can take to prevent drug overdoses:

  • If you are concerned about someone at-risk of opioid overdose, carry the medication naloxone, aka Narcan. Narcan is available without a prescription at most pharmacies in Kern County.
  • If you see any pills, do not touch them. You should call law enforcement to remove them.
  • Parents should speak with their children to know the risks of buying or sharing prescription medications and that pills — including counterfeit Oxycodone, Percocet, and pills containing fentanyl — are out there.
  • Anyone who sees the pills are asked to contact law enforcement.
  • You can contact the Mental Health & Substance Use Access & Assessment Hotline at 888-818-1115 to get help for someone who may be dealing with substance abuse.

As of July 6, Kern County has had 83 fentanyl overdose deaths, according to the Kern County Sheriff’s Office.