State sues Paul Blanco’s Good Car Company alleging false advertising, lying to lenders

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The California Attorney General’s Office is accusing auto dealership Paul Blanco’s Good Car Company of false advertising and lying to lenders.

On Monday, Xavier Becerra announced a complaint accusing the business of luring poor customers with misleading advertising, lying to lenders about customers incomes, then saddling those customers with expensive loans they couldn’t afford.

The complaint accuses the business of tricking credit lenders by falsifying customer information to make them seem more credit worthy.

The alleged scheme included running ads on radio and television to lure customers to call to apply for credit over the phone.

A call center operator would go through a detailed script that would include telling customers to “please hold while I process your applicaiton,” only to return five seconds later to congratulate them on meeting the credit criteria for other lenders. The company is accused of not running applications but instead using the application process as a ploy to collect information and generate sales leads.

Paul Blanco has seven dealerships in California, including one in Bakersfield, on Rudnick Court in Southwest Bakersfield.

The Attorney General’s Office has a tip line for information on this case. You can call (800) 952-5225.

To submit a complaint to the Attorney General’s Office, visit here.

17 News reached out to the dealership for comment but have not heard back for this story.

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