BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — A family in southwest Bakersfield is slowly recovering after a suspected DUI driver plowed into their home off Taft Highway.

The California Highway Patrol says 26-year-old Madison Ann Williams was traveling northbound on Old River Road when she blew through a stop sign, directly into a home around 12:30 in the morning. The car then burst into flames as the home’s roof collapsed.

Four people were inside the home at the time of the crash, including a toddler.

A scene that could have been right from a horror movie. A white Mercedes plowing into the inside of the home, causing the home to go up in flames.

“As the white vehicle was traveling northbound failed to stop at the stop sign limit line,” Eric Scott a CHP officer said. “The driver was arrested for felony DUI for causing major injury.”

The mother of the family, Rajwinder Joshan, is healing from her two surgeries while the father Princedeep Joshan is in the hospital, having difficulty walking and full body pain. The 21-month-old baby, Rohundeep Joshan got his MRI today and is still receiving major medical assistance.

“They’re the best people I know,” Pamela Porter a neighbor said. “They own the Monte Carlo here. They ensure to get people who may have had too much to drink or whatever make sure they get home safely one way or another to make sure to avoid things like this from happening.”

Suman Joshan says, the road near the home has been a safety concern for years.

“It’s not a straight road, not a continuation of Old River,” Suman Joshan a family member and owner of the Old River Monte Carlo Bar said. “They have to go onto Taft highway to get onto old river. We’ve been there for 2 years and we’ve seen 4 deaths in front of that house because there are no stop lights.”

“It’s concerning,” Porter said. “It concerns everyone around here. If there was a light or better signage or something.”

Williams is currently out on bail for Wednesday’s incident and charges haven’t been filed.

According to the court website, a woman by the same name and year of birth was charged with a misdemeanor DUI back in June.

As for now the family is on a slow road to recovery. Neighbors in the area all agree the Taft highway and Old River Road is a dangerous area and traffic lights need to be put in.