BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Sourdough bread is part science, part history, and completely delicious. Scientists believe this beloved bread baking technique dates back to 3000 BC.

“True sourdough bread is only four ingredients: flour, water, salt and levain. And levain is just a fed starter. A starter is just flour and water that’s mixed together and set out at room temperature, loosely covered. And the flour and the water, they capture the wild yeast and bacteria in the air. That’s what makes the fluffy texture of sourdough,” says Layne Bone of Layne’s Sourdough Co.

Layne first learned about the process when she was in college. Her first experimentation, for a microbiology final, didn’t go well.

“I went home and made the worst sourdough biscuits you have ever tried.” But sourdough would come back into her life. “It then turns out I married into a family that’s a big sourdough family. My mother-in-law, my husband’s uncle, everyone bakes.”

Layne figured she’d give it another try, with her family’s batch of starter. “The starter is over 100 years old. We don’t know the exact date of origin, but our good friend Walter, he brought it down from Alaska.”

They say everything old is new again and Walter’s 100-year-old starter soon gave rise to a whole new business venture for Layne.

“My family was going nuts for it, so I’m like this is an easy way to feed my family I feel comfortable with, I feel good about the ingredients and my family loves bread, so we eat a lot of it.”

“I started gifting it to family and friends and they were like, hey, you should start selling this!” That was just a few months ago. Now thanks to Walter’s century-old sourdough starter Layne’s Sourdough Co. is selling about fifty loaves per week.

“I’m doing ten a day, Tuesday through Saturday, or Sunday. That’s just what works best for me since I have the small twins in the house. The babies are a year and a half, so they’re very busy and very hands-on.”

Not unlike the bread. It too is very hands on but rewarding.

“It’s very therapeutic, I feel like when you get your hands dirty and you’re working with dough, I feel like it’s very relaxing. You just slow down and make something beautiful and tasty, and yeah, I love it. I absolutely love it.”

You can find Layne’s sourdough Co. on Instagram and soon on her new website.