BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The SNIP mobile spay and neuter clinic offered low cost services to help alleviate Kern’s dog crisis on Wednesday.

The event, which was held outside the “In Your Wildest Dreams” store in downtown Bakersfield, was sponsored by SOS Dog Rescue and Marley’s Mutts, and was sold out. According to the clinic, 56 dogs and cats were spayed and neutered.

Pet owners had the chance to get their animals spayed or neutered and could also get vaccines for just $25. The clinic also offered microchips for $25.

Organizers said spaying and neutering needs to be a priority to help with Kern’s animal crisis.

“Spay and neuter is an important procedure and a responsible procedure,” said Kandice Webb, a Registered Vet Tech. “It’s not a life or death procedure in most cases, so that’s something that got put on the back burner at a lot of veterinary hospitals because of staff shortages.”

If you missed Wednesday’s event, you can follow the SNIP mobile spay and neuter clinic on social media.