Signs to notice if you have a mosquito nursery in your backyard

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — We are no strangers to mosquitoes here in Bakersfield and it’s that time of the year when they come out in full force.

Mosquitoes can transmit diseases and will create a nursery where hundreds, if not thousands more, will spawn right under your nose.

Mosquitoes look for standing water to lay their eggs. Preventative measures include removing and treating water from common places like dog bowls, potted plant water saucers and garden fountains.

Water drains are one of the most overlooked locations that mosquitoes breed in. Kern Mosquito and Vector Control said people can place a window mesh inside the drain to fix the issue. If you have a fountain, you can use chlorine tablets to stop the mosquitoes.

“It only takes the bite from one infected mosquito to make you ill or take your life,” Terry Knight from Vector Control said. “EPA registered insect repellent. Just a small amount on unexposed skin can save your life or more importantly it’s going to keep you from getting bitten.”

The first line of defense is eliminating the pests at the source. Don’t be fooled, Mosquito eggs won’t die on their own.

The Aedes Aegypti eggs are very similar to plant seeds, they can last, for two years without being fertilized.

“If you have water standing look to see if there is a little worm that is wiggling,” Susan Golino a mosquito treated homeowner said. “And at that point that is the right time to call.”

Vector Control uses fish to hunt the wigglers but said it’s not necessary if the community works together.

“Neighbors working together and communities working together can actually reduce or if they work really hard can eliminate this mosquito if they look for the right items within their yards, Knight said.”

Kern Mosquito and Vector Control provides a free service if you suspect your home has been turned into a mosquito nursery or gathering space for the pests.

You can call 661-589-2744 to schedule an appointment with Vector Control.

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