BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Several signs with messages about defunding the police and celebrating Juneteenth were found outside Bakersfield city councilmember Chris Parlier’s home Saturday morning.

It was not immediately clear who may have placed the signs there or when, but the three signs had red paint handprints on them, and slogans including “defund BPD” and “Happy Juneteenth.” Two slogans mentioned Parlier and his past as a member of law enforcement before being elected to the council.

Video shared with 17 News showed the signs on the edge of the lawn. Some red paint handprints could also be seen on the sidewalk.

Earlier this week, during a contentious meeting the city council unanimously passed a $683 million budget that included more than $133 million for policing including hiring 28 new sworn officers. The group People’s Budget Bakersfield voiced opposition to the proposed budget during public comment. Some who were not at podium spoke out and the council eventually went into a brief recess.

People’s Budget Bakersfield also called for a boycott of local businesses with ties to councilmembers.

Parlier represents Bakersfield’s Ward 7 which includes portions of south and southwest Bakersfield.

17 News has reached out to Parlier for comment.