CALIFORNIA CITY Calif. (KGET) – It’s been 50 days since 3-year-old Orson and 4-year-old Orrin West were reported missing in California City.

The adoptive parents of the two boys – Trezell and Jacqueline West – are cooperating with police, but not speaking to the public. Jon Walker – the Chief of Police in California City – says they’re staying in Bakersfield. The West parents have four other kids – two biological, and two adopted. The Chief of Police says these kids are in protective custody.

“In child protective services, protective custody means they’re place in a foster home,” said Jana Slagle, a spokesperson from the Department of Human Services in Kern County. “They’re removed from their family with the allegation of abuse or neglect, and placed in a foster home.”

Her department deals with cases of parental neglect which ultimately end up in juvenile court.

“Every time a child is removed by either law enforcement or CPS,” Slagle said. “We’re involved in the court process for those children”

She says there is a process through which parents are evaluated. She spoke generally about the process and emphasized she was not talking specifically about the California City case. Frequently, the parents must complete certain tasks, aimed at ensuring the children’s safety, to regain custody.

“The parents are given a court ordered case plan and if they complete what’s asked of them then they can get their children back in their custody,” Slagle said.

The parents have around four months to complete the tasks. If they don’t do a sufficient job – a judge could rule to keep their kids in foster care.

“That’s where everybody’s coming to the table and presenting information on how did the parents do, did they do enough to get their kids back,” Slagle said. “Or are they doing well, but not quite there we need to extend this a little longer, give them more time just presenting it all together there.”

Anyone with information on the two missing boys can call the California City Police Department at 760-373-8606. To remain anonymous you can call the secret witness line at 661-322-4040.