BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The body of a man who went missing in the Kern River was recovered at Hart Park on Saturday. Emergency crews were called to River and Elk Roads for a report of a possible drowning at around 7 p.m. Witnesses told rescuers a man tried to swim across the river but didn’t make it and was not seen coming out of the water. The man’s body was pulled out of the water just before 8 p.m. about 200 yards from where the swimmer was last seen. Officials have stressed to visitors to stay out of the Kern River. The river’s undercurrent is deceptively strong as the visible waters appears calm. Officials say swimmers could also get caught in tree branches and other foliage in the water. By our count, this is the seventh drowning death in the Kern River this year alone.

We want to know: Should swimming in the Kern River be illegal?

I don’t think making it illegal will help. Difficult to enforce. Mail theft and running red lights are supposed to be illegal too, still it continues and few get caught. We need to be smart and heed the many warnings about swimming in the river.

Judy Wilcox, Facebook User

The problem is people not heeding the warnings posted and out of town visitors not being educated about where they are visiting. The lack of responsible and educated individuals are the issue.

Christina Padgett, Facebook User

No one should be in the river, make it illegal and start arresting them, it’s better than anyone dying!

Mary Anne Martin Hornbeck, Facebook User

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