BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — State lawmakers say they are shaken by the violence happening just blocks away from the State Capitol. Today, those in the State Senate Judiciary Committee will take on SB 1327.

The legislation would allow private citizens to sue gun makers, transporters and sellers. It’s an idea modeled after a Texas law that takes the same approach to abortion.

Other gun related rules lawmakers will consider include a measure that would give California’s attorney general power to sue gun manufacturers, and another that would further restrict ghost guns in the state.

We want to know: Should private citizens be allowed to sue gun manufacturers?

An overwhelming majority, 80%, said private citizens should not be allowed to sue gun manufacturers.

People should be able to sue sellers of illegal guns, but not the legal sellers of guns

Rick Parker, Facebook user

That’s like filing a lawsuit against Toyota for a drunk driver. Makes no sense

Charlie Vance