BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The Centers for Disease Control announced today an extension to the public transportation mask mandate due to the recent number of rising COVID-19 cases in the U.S.

That prompted the Transportation Security Administration to extend their mask mandate for 15 days. The current expiration date was set to end on April 18.

The news comes as the airline industry continued to urge lifting the mandate, and to stop pre-departure testing requirements for international travel.

In a letter to the heads of the CDC and the Department of Health and Human Services, one airline executive stated recent science and research supports an end to the mandate and that requiring masks on an airplane “makes no sense” when they are not recommended in public places like bars and restaurants.

We want to know: Should mask mandates continue to be enforced on public transit?

A slight majority, 54 percent, agreed that mask mandates should continue to be enforced on public transit.

Yes. Rapid transit has people in a close space and for a long period at a time!

Karen Sullivan, Facebook user

Should be our choice. I no longer where my mask, but if I see a building with mostly mask wearers I put one on to help them feel comfortable, but I choose to do that.

Annette Carter, Facebook user