BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — A new drought directive from state regulators prohibits commercial and industrial property owners in California from using potable or drinkable water to irrigate decorative lawns.

The new rules come from the State Water Resources Control Board and follow Governor Newsom’s executive order back in March calling for water use reduction measures in the face of California’s worsening drought.

It’s important to note that industrial and commercial property owners are still allowed to water plants and trees on their properties. The restrictions apply to grass around an establishment, also referred to as “ornamental turf.” The restrictions took effect June 10. Those who ignore the restrictions will be subject to warning letters and daily fines of up to $500.

We wanted to know: Should business owners be required to cut down on water use?

A vast majority of respondents — 82% — said businesses should be required to cut down on water use.

I believe that everyone should reduce water usage it just makes sense!!!

Karen Sullivan, Facebook user

How about someone ensure that the median sprinklers are watering plants NOT the street?

Tina Bomar, Facebook user

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