Sen. Shannon Grove apologizes for sharing post involving graphic sex-ed book

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Sen. Shannon Grove is catching some flack for sharing a Facebook post on Monday about California’s new sex education curriculum.

The post featured a photo of the table of contents for an alleged sex education book that suggested sixth-graders were going to be taught an explicit course on sex beyond basic safety and health, with chapters and sub-chapters including titles such as “Anal sex/intercourse,” “‘Kinky’ sex” and “Bondage/Restraint.”

“Our new California education curriculum for sixth graders. So sad what the Democrats are doing to this state and our children,” Shannon stated in her original post. 

However, this book is no longer being considered by the California Department of Education for California’s sex ed curriculum. Grove acknowledged in a follow-up post that she made a mistake and eventually removed the post after receiving push-back from commenters.

“I am so sorry. I was given this from what I considered a reliable source,” she said. “I should have verified it before I posted. I do apologize and will be more (cautious) in the future.”

While the book was not approved, Grove said it is still similar to other curriculum that has already been approved by the state. 

“Even though this book was not approved, some of the curriculum content that has been approved is still as shocking,” she said in a statement today. “The current content is so extreme that it warrants legislative action, including Senate Bill 673, which would provide more parental input and transparency in the approval of sex education curriculum. The fact that this book was also legitimately considered to be suggested for classroom curriculum is unbelievable. Let’s be frank, both the proposed and current content is indicative of the extreme direction the state sex education curriculum is heading.”

SB 673 would have required that parents opt-in for sex education for students in seventh grade or lower. 

Under the bill, school districts would have been required to notify parents and guardians about its plans to provide sex education and make educational materials available for inspection prior to the start of instruction.

However, the bill was shot down by a state Senate committee today in a 4-2 vote. 

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