Safe sleeping for babies is an issue followed closely by 17 News, and today, local agencies received another tool to provide community education through a children’s book. 

“Sleep Baby Safe and Snug” is a short story reiterating that babies should sleep alone, on their backs in cribs. 

The Safe Sleep Coalition of Kern handed out more than 1,600 copies to 41 programs serving families and infants. 

Through the Kern Literacy Council, the coalition received a $2,400 grant from the Children’s Advocates Resource Endowment, also known as CARE. 

“The books are really cool books. They are easy to read in Spanish and English. We’re giving them to hospitals and distributing them to places where mothers coming out of the hospitals will have those,” Executive Director of First 5 Kern Roland Maier said.

Unsafe sleeping is the number one killer of local babies. More than 100 babies have died since 2008.

Unsafe sleeping was a factor in nine infant deaths so far this year. These deaths are preventable. 

  • Babies should sleep alone, on their backs in cribs. 
  • There shouldn’t be anything in the crib but the baby. 

This message is especially important during the winter months when experts say 90-percent of these deaths happen.