BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy introduced a new bill aimed at protecting statues across the country.

In recent week, protesters have called for certain controversial statues and monuments to be taken down. Some even taking matters in their own hands and pulling statues down during demonstrations and protests.

On Thursday, Congressman McCarthy introduced the Protect America’s Statues Act along with Congressmen Jim Jordan and Sam Graves. If state and local entities do not protect historical monuments in their areas, the legislation would prevent them from receiving certain federal grants.

In a tweet, McCarthy said: “Leftwing mobs are trying to erase history by destroying statues of George Washington, General Grant, and Christopher Columbus. Enough is enough.”

Rep. McCarthy joined 17 News at 5 to discuss the proposed bill and what it would mean for cities and states. He also discussed possible legislation for a second round of coronavirus relief.