BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The Renegade Pantry at Bakersfield College hosted a Farmer’s Market for the community Tuesday.

At the Farmer’s Market free fruits and vegetables were available to community members, according to organizers.

The produce was donated by the Community Action Partnership of Kern to Bakersfield College, organizers said.

“It’s open to our staff, our students, and of course, the community, anything that we do, so that we can make sure we’re helping here in any way that we can,” Leonardo Ayala, Assistant Director of Student Life at the college, said. “Yeah, I mean, as a student myself when I was an undergrad having to choose like, okay, am I going to have breakfast or lunch today? Because I don’t know if I can afford both. It feels great to be able to like, again, minimize that concern for as many people on campus as possible.”

The Renegade Pantry opened in 2009 to address food insecurity for students, faculty and staff and distributes free food, clothing, hygiene and cleaning supplies.

Ayala told 17 News they serve nearly one thousand students every week at the pantry.