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Today we reveal our fourth finalist in our remarkable women contest. TV 17 and dignity health are teaming up to highlight these committed community members who may not be used to getting accolades but are absolutely known for getting things done. This woman is making a difference in the community of Delano one woman at a time.

The bond between a mother and child is something special. At 31 years old, Desiree Sanchez, truly can appreciate all her mom, Trinidad Jacobo, has done for her and her two brothers.

“Throughout my life she has always taught and showed me and my brothers that no job is too small or insignificant if it brings food to the table and a roof over your head,” said Sanchez. “Hence why she had three jobs at one point, including Frosty King, all while she was taking classes at Bakersfield College.”

It was that drive that made Darline Salinas nominate her niece Trini for our remarkable women contest.

“I’ve always admired her for always being there for her kids, not giving up because she was young and got pregnant at a young age,” said Salinas.

Eight years ago, down from three jobs to one as a social services worker, Trini started looking for other ways to fill her time. She discovered the Helping One Woman organization and brought it to Delano.

“Their motto is ‘one woman with $10 can buy another woman’s lunch. Ten women with $10 can buy another woman’s groceries, one hundred women with $10 can really make a difference in another woman’s life'” said Trini Jacobo.

And they do so every month at their events. Between a few dozen to more than one hundred women gather to contribute ten dollars and some kindness to a woman in need.

“Every now and then I think I’m about to pass the torch, but every month you go, you are rejuvenated again. You see the connection and the love everybody has.”

Now, eight years in, those ten-dollar bills are adding up to more than 93 thousand dollars. Proving, like Trini taught her children, that no job is too small and neither is any act of kindness. Be sure to watch Friday morning on KGET News at Sunrise when we reveal the winner in our Remarkable Women contest. She’ll get a trip to New York to be part of a live taping of the Mel Robbins Show.

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