BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The Israel Hamas war has entered its second month.

In Bakersfield, two dedicated community members just returned from the war zone where they volunteered to fill in the gaps of displaced workers.

“It was very impacting to hear the sound of munitions being sent, in many instances from Israel into Gaza to hit targets there, and as well to have to duck and cover with our hands over our heads out of fear of incoming missile attacks,” said Rabbi Jonathan Klein.

It’s a conflict he says is not isolated to Israelis and Palestinians.

“There’s people from Argentina, there are people who are Filipino, there are people from all sorts of ethnic backgrounds, and they were impacted exactly the same way as the Israelis,” Klein said.

A war that has fractured communities that relied on each other.

“Gaza has always had a robust exchange both economic and social with Israel,” said Avital Anders, President of Temple Beth El. “There were Israelis driving Gazan residents to doctor appointments within Israel, 20,000 Gazans were coming across the border every day to work in Israel, there were Israelis coming in, there was commerce, and there was social exchange. So the misconception that it was an open-air prison is really disturbing.”

Rabbi Jonathan Klein invites people to pray for the wellbeing of everyone, check in on your Jewish friends, and pray for Palestinians who are victims of Hamas.

You can also make a donation through this link, it is Temple Beth El’s fund for Israel.