BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Protests over the police in-custody death of George Floyd continue Friday night as a group of protesters continues to square off with police in downtown Bakersfield.

Police have since ordered protesters to leave, calling protests an unlawful assembly.

Watch the protest below from our Facebook page:

Protesters began making their way to the area at around 4:30 p.m. on Truxun Avenue.

The remaining group of protesters Friday night was estimated to be roughly 100 people.

As of 6 p.m., protesters began walking into the streets and blocking traffic at Truxtun Avenue and Eye Street in front of City Hall.

Police entered the area just before 7 p.m. attempting to move protesters off the streets and out of traffic. At least one ambulance was in the area on Truxtun Avenue near Eye Street.

A woman was hit by a vehicle on Truxtun Avenue. She was taken away by ambulance, police later stopped the driver.

Cellphone video shows a driver in an SUV drive past several protesters with one person appearing to fall from being hit.

Protesters have been making their way around the downtown area, marching with signs and chanting. A group was in the area of 18th and H streets heading south.

As of 8:30 p.m., protesters have returned to Truxtun Avenue and Eye Street where they gathered in front of City Hall. Police were seen on the roof of City Hall, but it was not immediately clear what types of weapons they had pointed at people below.

Police cruisers have entered the area heading east on Truxtun Avenue trying to disperse the crowd. People in the crowds were seen throwing objects at police vehicles.

Police can be heard over a megaphone “Please leave the area, we do not want to arrest you,” 17’s Eytan Wallace said.

By 10 p.m. police had formed a line in front of police headquarters, and have already declared protests an unlawful gathering.