BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – California residents may be asking themselves the same question: why are gas prices so high?

Bakersfield residents are feeling it too at the pump. With increases of over 63 cents in the past week and an average of $6.26 for one gallon of unleaded.

“The problem is our local refineries, and until we can get those refineries back up to full operation, the prices will likely remain volatile,” AAA spokesperson Doug Shupe said.

Refineries makeup part of the state’s supply chain and typically “do their planned maintenance in the springtime before the summer busy driving season, but this year because of the high prices earlier in the year, refineries kept operating at near full capacity,” Shupe said.

However, this caused some refineries to go offline to start maintenance in September or have unexpected maintenance issues like flaring.

Kern County resident Erik Casillias decided to ride with his brother to work because of the gas prices and said he was not the only one.

“A lot of people are just trying to get to work, and the gas prices are just really high, so a lot of people are struggling, you know,” Casillias said.

For Kern County resident Samantha Bryant, “It’s really frustrating, but I still have to get to work and get my kids to school, so it’s a necessity, but it is very frustrating.”

However, Shupe said there may be no immediate relief in sight, and drivers can still expect to see some high pump prices.