Pregnant woman dies after reportedly given fentanyl

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A pregnant woman died at Memorial Hospital, and her family says it’s because she was given fentanyl.

The drug is 50 to 100 times stronger than morphine, and it’s responsible for thousands of overdose deaths across the country.

Twenty-eight-year-old Sabrina De La Rosa was nine months pregnant when she checked into Memorial Hospital on Thursday.

According to her family, a nurse gave her a shot of fentanyl to ease her pain.

“When you go to have a baby, you’re expected to come home,” said her older sister Mariah Borgna. “When she started the injection, Sabrina instantly began screaming.”

Within the next hour, Sabrina was unresponsive. Her family said a doctor gave her a second shot of fentanyl.

“She got up to use the restroom,” Borgna recalled. “When she came out of the restroom, she passed out, and then she went into a seizure.”

Doctors performed an emergency C-section, delivering a healthy eight-pound boy, Jazz.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t revive Sabrina.

“She was covered in blood from head to toe,” Borgna said.

Now Sabrina’s family is demanding answers.

“A child is born into this world pure, and then to subject him to a hard narcotic like that, you don’t know what side effects that can cause on him,” Borgna said.

The hospital started administering fentanyl about a year ago, according to the family.

“That pain during childbirth, it’s not that painful to prescribe a strong drug of that nature,” Borgna said. “Why even prescribe that knowing how addictive it is and the side effect that it can cause death?”

There are many remaining questions, but Memorial Hospital only released a short statement, shown below.

Sabrina leaves two older daughters, a son, and newborn Jaxx.

“It’s a shame that knowing as Jaxx grows up, he’s never really gonna get to celebrate his birthday like a joyous moment, knowing that’s the anniversary of his mom’s passing,” Borgna said.

The family is holding a fundraiser car wash on Saturday, January 18th at Freedom House on Niles Street.

You can also donate to their fundraising page.

UPDATE: Memorial Hospital issued another statement, addressing fentanyl use in medical settings.

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