WOFFORD HEIGHTS, Calif. (KGET) – Heavy rain has made it back to Kern County, and with multiple areas still under evacuation orders, Wofford Heights is the latest to join the list.

According to Fire officials, numerous areas in Wofford Heights have been confirmed to have significant soil movement and a landslide is “highly likely.” This is why fire captain Andrew Freeborn urges those in the area to get out now.

“Now that this rainfall is occurring again, it’s going to even increase the likelihood of that we see mudslides even more, and that’s why we take these evacuation orders so serious, and we hope that the individuals of our community take it serious,” Freeborn said.

However, though many residents are concerned, many did not in a rush to leave after managing to handle the last storm.

“It was so much worse a couple of days ago that is this kind of like, uh, I’ll get out of here, but I’m going to take my time,” Wofford Heights Resident Kristen Baker said.

“We’re still hesitant to leave. Why? Because in my mind, I’m looking at all the dynamics and watching the river, I’m giving myself a point at which I’m going to stay if it gets beyond that, then I’m leaving, but I should be gone already, but it’s such a hassle to be evacuated,” Kernville Resident Rex Hinkey said.

But Freeborn says residents should flee before it is too late.

“We see that there is a danger to our community here. That’s why we have taken the steps to issue these evacuation warnings and evacuation orders, and we hope that individuals will heed these evacuation warnings and orders,” Freeborn said.

If you are in an area under an evacuation order, it is essential to leave the area. If needed, contact a shelter nearby and call 911 in an emergency.