POLL RESULTS: Should veterans be exempt from deportation?

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — California Senator Alex Padilla is backing legislation to stop the deportation of US veterans for minor crimes.

It’s called the Veteran Deportation Prevention and Reform Act, which would end a policy dating back to the Bill Clinton Administration and pave the way for veterans who’ve been deported to return home to the United States.

Hundreds of non citizen veterans who served the U.S. have been deported after getting in trouble with the law. Crimes that qualify for deportation include minor infractions such as failure to appear in court and drug possession.

We asked: Should veterans be exempt from deportation?

“They put their lives on a literal dotted line for our country. This is their home now. It should be a crime to even attempt to deport them.”

Jennifer Charbonneau, Facebook user

“Most of those people were “dreamers” I believe many were also told military service was a path to citizenship. As a country we need to address this issue. Deportation isn’t the way to deal with any veteran. They did their service. Especially for crimes that won’t even land them in jail.”

Paul Grubb, Facebook user

“Yes. Once they have served our country they are one of us. They can go through our regular court system.”

Heather Belle, Facebook user

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