BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg says a federal no-fly list should be on the table for unruly passengers who misbehave during flights.

This comes after a flight attendant was attacked by a passenger last week.

According to Business Insider, The Federal Aviation Administration has investigated more than 900 unruly passenger incidents in 2021, up from just 146 in 2019.

Buttigieg said the FAA, which is housed in the transportation department, is proposing harsh penalties and fines for those who disrupt flights.

We asked: Should there be a no-fly list for passengers who disrupt flights?

“No fly list is a violation, there’s no way to know your on it until you fly, and you can’t dispute it. There’s been many reported cases of the wrong person being put in the list. And not give clear way to contest it.”

Felix Figeuroa, Facebook user

“I’ll go further and say they should be banned from all public transportation.”

Chris Galaxy, Facebook user