POLL RESULTS: Should guns be restricted in public areas?

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The Supreme Court is considering arguments in its biggest guns case in more than a decade, a dispute over New York’s restrictive gun permit law.

The law under review has been in place since 1913 and says that to carry a concealed handgun in public for self-defense, a person applying for a license has to demonstrate “proper cause,” an actual need to carry the weapon.

The court is considering whether this law violates the Second Amendment right to “keep and bear arms.” The Biden administration is urging the justices to uphold the law.

If it’s struck down, it could have an impact on California gun laws.

We asked: Should guns be restricted in public places?

“No. Crime is out of control. Law abiding citizens should be able to carry to protect themselves along with their family. It’s a proven statistic open carry states have less violent crime.”

Eddie Sugden, Facebook user

“If you look at gun statistics New York is pretty safe now. Maybe not if they change the gun laws. The numbers don’t lie.”

Paul Grubb, Facebook user

“I’ll never understand our country’s infatuation with guns.”

Jason McGeek, Facebook user

“A weapon that is legally carried concealed with a permit is nobody’s business. It shouldn’t matter whether or not you are in public spaces. Criminals won’t change their ways. We must continue to have the right to protect ourselves and others if needed.”

Bob Hennick, Facebook user

“Nope I think we should go back to open carry in California cause if you see the person with a gun you won’t commit the crime.”

Kyle Wilkerson

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