BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The Bakersfield police investigation into accusations against Craig Harrison revealed a lot of bad feelings toward the much-beloved monsignor, but no crimes.

That’s the finding described in 157 pages of investigatory reports obtained by channel 17.

The reports stem from allegations first leveled in the 1990s, the early 2000s and from just a few years ago.

The reports contain a detailed account of an interview of Harrison himself in which he emphatically denied every allegation against him.

Harrison’s attorney, Kyle Humphrey, said Monday night all allegations against Harrison contained in the reports are false.

The Bakersfield Police Department announced Thursday the investigation found no credible accusation against Harrison, the pastor of St. Francis Church Downtown.

Harrison, in the interview in his attorney’s office, answered every question put to him.

But that June 17 interview came after a month of interviews with young men who felt Harrison had acted inappropriately with them.

One young man said he was 14 years old and very active in the church when his parents sent him to St. Francis to get Harrison’s blessing in 2003.

The two were alone when Harrison rubbed the teen’s knee in a manner the boy interpreted as sexual.

When the boy objected, he said, the monsignor cursed at him and called him ungrateful.

Two years later, the boy said, he sought counseling again from Harrison and Harrison again acted sexually inappropriately.

When the boy objected, Harrison said, “You make me feel like a (bleeping) pedophile,” according to the boy who has been publicly honored several times for community service.

Much of the investigation concentrated on reports Harrison shared a bed with young men on church outings, that he sexually touched boys and that he discussed pornography.

Detectives tracked down all the now-grown men named in those reports.

Many said they heard those reports, but all denied the rumors.

Detectives spoke with multiple men who described “inappropriate behavior” by Harrison that did not meet the elements of a crime.

Detectives note in the reports the only man to accuse Harrison of a potential crime involve accusations from the early ’90s when the man was a teenager. Investigators concluded they could not substantiate that man’s accusations.

In 2002, Harrison owned a house on Oleander Avenue in Central Bakersfield in which he permitted troubled young men to live.

Detectives followed reports that in 2002 he lewdly touched boys and young men in the house.

Investigators had the names of all the supposed victims.

But when those men were questioned, each said none of the reported acts had happened.

The reports contain complaints Harrison ignored the Hispanic population of the parish and may have used parish funds for personal use.

The report says the facts do not support a criminal case against Harrison and, even if they did, the statute of limitation would bar prosecution.

Harrison still faces investigations in Merced and Firebaugh.

An independent investigation by the Diocese of Fresno will determine if he returns to the ministry.

He remains suspended and prohibited from acting as a priest.

Harrison has declined to be interviewed by the KGET reporter assigned to this story.