SAINT JOHNSBURY, Vt. (WPTZ) — A Vermont man was arrested after police said he broke into an apartment Saturday.

Authorities said the victim came to the police department Sunday to report that someone had broken into her St. Johnsbury apartment.

“She came into her apartment, found that someone had been in there,” said Officer George Johnson.

Security cameras captured images of the person, who police identified as 58-year-old Timothy Stanyon.

Police said he did not take anything of value but brought a pizza along with him, cooked it then ate it during his almost four-hour visit.

“So I was like, ‘You were in there? You went in there? You ate food?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah a pizza.’ I was like, ‘What were you doing in there, Tim?’ He’s like, ‘Oh that’s, ah, my friend’s house, Tony,'” Johnson said.

But police said the apartment wasn’t his friend’s.

“I’m not sure if he was just confused or what his thinking was when he broke into there,” Johnson said.

In 2017, Stanyon was accused of slashing a tire at Domino’s Pizza in St. Johnsbury.

“Stanyon went on to state that they charged him $20 for a large Hawaiian pizza,” according to a 2017 police report. “I showed Stanyon the sheath that I had found and asked him if it belonged to him. Stanyon laughed and then replied, ‘yes.’ I asked Stanyon ‘Why’d you do it? Were you just angry at the time?’ Stanyon replied that he was angry because he believed $20 was too much to pay for the pizza.”

Stanyon is due in court in February to face an unlawful trespassing charge related to Saturday’s incident.