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Local law enforcement team up for possible kidnapping and shooting connection

Woman's ex-boyfriend suspected in possible kidnapping and attempted murder case

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The search for a woman believed to have been kidnapped ended this morning. She was found safe after shots were fired at the car she was traveling in. It turns out law enforcement was already investigating claims that her ex-boyfriend tried to kill her two weeks ago. 
Bakersfield police say around 11 p.m. last night, 26-year-old Mikaela Atuatasi was in the car with a man believed to be her cousin, when Atuatasi ex-boyfriend's Cory Pearson, drove up and started shooting at the car. No one was hit, but it caused the driver to crash. The crash happened in the 9600 block of Meacham Road.
The driver suffered minor injuries. His passenger, Mikaela Atuatasi, left the scene with Pearson, but Bakersfield Police say it's still unclear if she did so voluntarily or if she was forced. However, they're working the case as a kidnapping.
This morning, police located Pearson and Atuatasi at the Vagabond Inn on Panama Lane. Atuatasi wasn't harmed, but two weeks ago, she was shot in the leg. The shooter is believed to be Pearson. The Kern County  Sheriff's Department is investigating that case and Pearson hasn't been arrested, but Bakersfield police believe KCSO will arrest him once BPD is done with their investigation. 
Bakersfield police said Pearson resisted arrest, so officers used physical force to apprehend him. As a result, Peason was sent to Kern Medical. Once he's released, Sergeant Kroeker says he'll be arrested and booked on several charges, including two counts of attempted murder. 

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