Police find, arrest man charged with killing five-year-old Kason Guyton

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Two men charged with murdering five-year-old Kason Guyton are seeing their day in court.

The two are accused of shooting and killing the boy in Central Bakersfield in February 2017.

One of the men charged, Jonathan Knight, appeared in court on Friday morning.

The other man, Jeremy King, was arrested Thursday night after a month-long search. Police even spotted him in a car Wednesday, but he fled and slipped through their fingers.

King was ultimately found near South H street and Hadar Road, where police say he surrendered peacefully.

“I went out and asked the public to come forward and help us come to a peaceful resolution of getting Mr. King into custody. I would just like to say thank you to the public and this community,” said Bakersfield Police chief, Lyle Martin.

“The community came through and provided some assistance that was able to give us a location, where we were able to generate an area where Mr. King could be located at,” said Bakersfield Police sergeant Nathan McCauley.

Guyton’s murder was a case of gang violence that devastated the community back two and a half years ago.

King and Knight allegedly shot into the car the boy was riding in with his then seven-year-old brother on their way back from the movies.

He and his brother were both hit, but his brother survived.

The boyfriend of Guyton’s mother was the one driving. Police believe he is an Eastside Crips gang member who King and Knight, both Westside Crips, were actually targeting.

Now, Chief Martin says, “we have opened a new investigation because we’re going to find out where Mr. King has been since the time we announced his indictment. Those who helped harbor him will be investigated and brought into custody as well.”

Knight is also connected to a shooting that happened outside a party on Remington Avenue in Southwest Bakersfield.

No one was injured but homes and vehicles were hit.

Knight was arrested back in August, and he’s since pleaded not guilty to all charges in both cases.

In court, the judge postponed Knight’s hearing to next Wednesday.

King is due in court Monday and is currently being held without bail.

The two are expected to be tried together.

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