Petition to recall governor gaining momentum; Kern gathering thousands of signatures

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — A political movement makes it way around the state, as a growing number of Californians sign a petition to recall Governor Gavin Newsom. Some political activists say it’s only a matter of time until he’s removed. It’s no secret that thousands of Kern residents support the petition, but the latest state data sparks confusion about how many in Kern put their names on the dotted line.

The Remove Newsom Campaign says over 1.8 million registered voters have signed the petition, and it requires fewer than 1.5 million to make the state vote on a recall. State officials have verified just under 20,000 signatures from Kern, but local organizers says the state is playing catchup with the numbers.

“I’m the one that counts everything that comes in,” said Flor Hull, a Political Organizer gathering signatures for the recall. “I confirmed with our state team, and as of this morning we have 46,000 petitions confirmed.”

The group expects thousands more signatures before the March 17 deadline.

“I think we’re gonna get close to about 75,000 before the deadline,” said Hull. “I have a big stack that I haven’t counted, and it’s probably another four or five-thousand that have come in.”

Supporters say they want a new governor because they’re tired of pandemic restrictions.

“Driving our economy down, keeping our schools closed and keeping our businesses closed,” said Cathy Abernathy, a GOP Political Analyst. “That has created an incentive for people in this recall.”

If the state receives enough signatures to recall the governor, the state will hold an election later this year. It will ask voters if they want to remove Newsom from office, and who should replace him if more than half of voters say yes to the recall.

“If there’s a strong enough vote to recall, perhaps the next governor, regardless of party, will not be as extreme as this one’s been,” said Abernathy.

Counties need to verify signatures to recall the governor by April 29.

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