BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Parents at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary school in Southeast Bakersfield continue to ask the city, county and school district to install a crosswalk before a child is killed.

Bureaucratic finger pointing leaves parents upset and kids still in danger. The soonest hope for Martin Luther King Junior Elementary school to get a crosswalk is about a year-and-a-half from now but parents say it needs to be much sooner than that.

South Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard off Mardi Gras Court is dangerous, and parents say officials need to do something about it.

“I take my kids to school every morning, I take my kids to school every morning,” Angelle Jennings a concerned parent said. “It’s dangerous. The cars go fast and everything and sometimes they don’t slow down… It’s not right. They are pointing the fingers at the wrong person. The city, the city should be the one that’s changing and putting up the crosswalk.”

Kern County Public Works said a crosswalk will be placed with flashing lights next summer in 2023 on Cheatham Avenue. However, parents say the proposed crosswalk is too far out of the way. Instead, this crosswalk needs to be in front of the apartments where kids are running from.

It’s not just kids running across the street. Parents, mothers and very small children do it too.

“We don’t need someone to die,” Ramona Helfer a concerned community member said. “We don’t need a kid to get hurt or injured for them to put a crosswalk. It needs to be done before something happens.”

Community members say speeders aren’t just going to stop speeding.
They’re asking for at least the speed to be enforced, especially when kids are coming and going from school.

If you’re a concerned parent or community member you can reach out to Bakersfield Public Works to give your thoughts on the needed crosswalk.

You can reach Kern County Public Works through the phone number: (661) 862-5100.