Parents demand Lakeside School District takes action on bullying

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A group of parents is demanding changes to the way Lakeside Union School District handles bullying.

Some students at those schools say gossiping and name-calling occur daily.

Nicole Flores, whose son Wyatt is a sixth grader at Lakeside Middle, said, “he went to walk away from a kid saying really mean horrible words to him, and the kid followed him and slapped him in the face.”

Maddy Lujan, a seventh-grader at Lakeside Middle, added, “I don’t really like the school because they do nothing about it.”

Most recently, she received four text messages from an unknown number reading, “I stalk you all the time.”

Parents say they’ve reported the bullying to the principal numerous times.

“For a few days, it was okay, and then the latest thing the kids want to tell him is, ‘why don’t you crawl in a hole and die?'” Flores said.

Pat Lujan, Maddy’s father, fears the bullying will lead to the worst.

“It’s stuff like this that creates horrific school shootings or suicides,” he said.

Parents say the school’s solution has been to move the victims to a different class.

“(The school) wants to move her and kind of blame her for the situation,” Pat Lujan said. “It’s like the bullies have more rights than the kids that are getting bullied.”

On social media, dozens of parents shared similar stories of bullying at Lakeside schools. They also agreed the administration failed to stop it.

“We as parents believe the administration and the teachers will protect our children. That’s not happening,” Pat Lujan said.

In response, the board said they don’t believe suspensions are appropriate solutions. They also said students should be taught to stand up for one another.

Pat Lujan says he plans to take legal action if no changes are made.

Lakeside Union School District declined the opportunity to comment.

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