WASCO, Calif. (KGET) — Sunday at around 1 a.m., deputies investigated gunshots heard nearby in Wasco that led to an officer-involved shooting.

The shooting happened at Gromer and Magnolia avenues. As the sheriff’s office said, deputies tried to pull over a vehicle, but the driver led deputies on a short chase that ended in a crash.

The driver, suspected to be approximately a 21-year-old male, had a handgun and fled on foot. The sheriff’s office didn’t say what prompted at least one deputy to fire at the driver after that crash, but the driver was wounded and taken to a hospital and is expected to survive.

Violence is increasing in Wasco and this is another incident leaving many community members concerned.

“There are not a lot people to be having a lot of crime but however there is a lot crime here in this town,” said Wasco Resident Cedric Harris.

Leaving him to make a choice.

“When I think about it, it is scary, and I do stay in the house most of the time these days,” said Harris.

A similar feeling for Wasco Resident and Teacher Jose Zamora.

“It’s been really bad lately we have our ring app and every other day there’s always ‘did you guys hear gunshots? ambulances, stuff like that going around almost on the daily,'” said Zamora.
However, Zamora shares that the city not having its own police department has impacted the police tackling crime.

“They do want to act, but the fact that there is so much crime and so little people to enforce the law, I feel like that has affected Wasco’s safety,” said Zamora.

Both residents hope that the Wasco City Council members vote to start the city’s own police department, which could be the change the city needs.

As far as progress with the department, this month, the city council approved its Transitional Chief of Police, Mr. Charlie Fivecoat, taking one next step into the future for a police department.