BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The Hub of Bakersfield opened Obscura … it’s a series of interactive art exhibits and selfie museum in Downtown Bakersfield. Obscura opened its doors on G street near 20th street … featuring 8 exhibits celebrating local culture.

“This exhibit really highlights some of the best that downtown has to offer, and really plays off of some of the themes of Bakersfield’s most iconic landmarks,” said Andrae Gonzales, Bakersfield Ward Two City Councilmember. “Whether it’s the Padre hotel, Cafe smitten, or impact skate shop.”

Many of the rooms feature props.

“This room is based on the Padre hotel,” said Ryan Sanders, of the Hub of Bakersfield Board of Directors. “They have a bit of a cowboy theme so we really ran with that. What’s really fun about it is that you can grab a hat off the wall, grab a stick horse, and gallop through the grass.”

Event organizers invite guests to get creative. You can turn your photos black and white to blend in with a car, step inside a giant coffee mug inspired by Cafe Smitten … among other attractions. If you want pink-themed photos, there’s a room for that too.

And it’s not all about selfies. Obscura also sells work from local artists.

“These skateboard decks were donated by Impact Skate. They have a really cool shop downtown,” said Sanders. “They were all painted by local artists. They were able to price them themselves. Half goes to the artist, half goes to the hub. And we’ve sold every single deck in here.”

The Hub of Bakersfield is a non-profit working to revitalize downtown Bakersfield. Obscura is open every Friday and Saturday night from 6 to 10 pm.