BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Parents say at least five students at North High have overdosed on opioids in the past week.

They argue their kids aren’t safe and they were hoping to learn more about what’s being done to protect students during a community meeting Tuesday night. But, their expectations fell short.

More than 150 parents and students showed up, expecting answers from school administrators as to where the drugs came from and what’s going to be done to stop the ongoing opioid overdoses but when they didn’t get those answers, things got heated.

Parents became outraged when officials refused to answer their questions about opioids at the North High campus.

The meeting began with North High Principal Mark Balch confirming there has been fentanyl use at the school and at other schools in the Kern High School District.

“I don’t want to send the message that fentanyl is not present in our school schools we know it is. We’re trying to work with you to address the opioid problem in this community,” Balch said. “This includes the use of fentanyl which we’ve seen the effects of recently.”

Parents wanted to know more, but instead they were shown a PowerPoint presentation focusing on the symptoms of drug use, including marijuana.

“It was a waste of time no. They would not let us get a word in,” Jennifer Essex a mother of a poisoned North High Student said. “All he did is play us a slide show that made us look like we were in elementary school.”

“It was a joke it was all a show,” Sherree Gilmour a mother of eight and family friend of an opioid poisoned child said. “They went through all their slide shows and whatever. They want to separate us as parents with their question cards so that we aren’t’ one voice.”

The school district did have a Q&A portion of the meeting but when school officials didn’t answer some of the questions parents voiced their frustration and the principal abruptly ended the meeting.

“There’s a lot of emotion surrounding something because people are scared,” Balch said. “Fentanyl is a serious issue in our community and you sensed that fear tonight.”

The school announced a plan moving forward but with little change to what they are already doing. First, there will be more parent meetings but on a district-wide level. Second, student training and awareness of the dangers of opioids. Third, the expansion of Narcan availability.

“It was a joke. Absolute joke. They just basically told everybody in there, everybody’s kid’s that are attending the school are choosing to do drugs,” Sasha Owens a mother of two opioid poisoned students from North High said.

“I think they put this together tonight to shut us up. To satisfy our feelings,” JW Owens said. “They wouldn’t answer any of the questions that any of the parents wanted to ask.”

North High parents said they will continue to demand the school do more to protect their children and give parents answers and the reassurance they need to keep sending their kids to school.