BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Noah Caceres a 16-year-old boy had a dream to become a professional gamer but he lost his battle with cancer and the community mourns this young loss.

Hundreds of people came together to pay their respects to Noah Caceres.

Noah Caceres passed away in February. He is loved by his family, friends and hundreds of others throughout the community. All those people packed the Catholic funeral mass in memory of the 16-year-old boy.

Many of them say it’s not a day to be sad but a day to remember him and the brilliant smile that ignited so much happiness in everyone’s life.

“Everyone is thankful and happy that he is at peace,” Noah’s Aunt Amanda Heredia said. “That he’s no longer in any pain anymore. It’s a joyous day for us. It is. It really is.”

Noah Caceres had a dream to be a professional gamer. He liked playing battle royal games and wanted to hone his skills and build a community but there is so much more to Caceres than just games.

He was an athlete and even martial artist. He trained at his dojo the Way Of Japan Karate with his dad for years. His family says they have countless memories of all the time they spent together.

“We are a really close family so we have so many but it would have to be all our beach trips with him,” Heredia said.

“We shared our birthday Noah Caceres’ cousin Raphael Sanchez said. “Our birthdays were combined. It was always a blast all our cousins were there and we were like brothers for that one day.”

Noah Caceres was diagnosed with osteosarcoma cancer in 2021.
He completed chemotherapy in February 2022, only for his cancer to return in May of that year.
He had to have his leg amputated.
But the community and his family want to remember the good and came together to share those memories with one another.

“It was amazing to see what kind of an impact he made on people’s lives from different avenues from all sorts of different places Just everything he did was amazing how he touched everyone in a different way,” Noah Caceres’ Father Aris Caceres said.

Noah Caceres is gone but he will not be forgotten. His friends, family and the rest of the community will make sure of that.