BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Homeless dogs need you. The Bakersfield Animal Care Center is asking the community to help big dogs that still need homes.

The shelter is offering no fee adoptions for any dogs during this time.

Get big dogs adopted. That is the goal and plan for staff at the Bakersfield Animal Care Center as they try to lower the number of big dogs in the shelter.

The shelter is promoting its larger and older dogs that have been in the shelter longer than others for adoption. The center says people can have a lot of misconceptions about big dogs.

“A lot of times people expect that they need a big house, a big yard, all these things,” Nicole Gitzke with the Bakersfield Animal Care Center said. “That’s not the case. There are plenty of big dogs that don’t need that kind of big lifestyle. A lot of our seniors don’t need a big yard because they aren’t that active. So don’t let that be an excuse as to why you can’t have a big dog.”

The center is working to get as many dogs adopted to free up space and allow the dogs to have their own kennel. One thing the center is doing to encourage adoptions is temporarily taking away adoption fees throughout the campaign which will last until the end of the month.

“Currently we have 70 available big dogs,” Gitzke said. “Six of them are seniors. The shelter is no place for any dog to live especially seniors. We really want to encourage the public to please come out and adopt or foster some of our large dogs.”

The doors are still closed for the shelter to accept new dogs but they are open for people who would like to adopt. You can reach the center by calling 661-326-3436.