Nine days since Mcfarland City Manager, John Wooner, went missing

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It’s been nine days since 57-year-old John Wooner told his family he was going to visit a relative’s grave. His family and police say he never came back.

Investigators say Wooner was last seen by a witness at Hillcrest Cemetery around 5:30 p.m., Tuesday the 14th.
Wooner works in McFarland, but he lives in Northwest Bakersfield. That’s why Bakersfield Police is the main agency investigating his disappearance. The department confirmed that McFarland Police are also cooperating with them in the investigation, but did not say if any other agency was helping with the search. 

Wooner was last seen driving a silver Dodge Durango, a property of the city of McFarland, license plate: 1390353.

We were able to confirm the city of McFarland does not have GPS tracking devices on their fleet.

But after over week, we still have more questions than answers.

We asked BPD if any transactions have been made using his atm or credit cards, since his disappearance. We also asked if his cellphone is being tracked. 

They said they couldn’t share any details, but did say neither Wooner’s cards or phone have provided them any leads in this case.

Police say Wooner’s disappearance is still considered suspicious. 

At this time, McFarland’s Interim Police Chief Janet Davis is also acting as the city’s interim manager. We reached out to her Wednesday for comment but still, have not heard back.

McFarland Mayor Manuel Cantu shared a heartfelt message to Wooner when we first learned about his disappearance.

“John if you’re out there listening we want you to know we value you, we want you to come home, we want to know you’re safe and with your family,” said Cantu.

Thursday Mayor Cantu is now declining to comment. 

Wooner was last seen wearing a white dress shirt and khaki pants. 

If you any information on his whereabouts, call BPD at 327-7111.

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