Editor’s note: 17 News added a bracket into one of the quotes to add clarification.

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — You may notice some new changes to the downtown area in the next coming years with recent efforts being made by the city to revitalize downtown.

According to Councilmember Andrae Gonzales, the plan is to revitalize the downtown area’s 18th and 19th streets, starting with improvements between L and N streets.

“People, entrepreneurs, want to come downtown there is something exciting happening and it’s based off of years of work that we’ve really invested and been very intentional about trying to revitalize downtown,” said Gonzales.

The goal is to make the streets more walkable and pedestrian-friendly, similar to what you find near 18th and O street, where businesses are thriving, and the streets are improved.

This is why Stasie Bitton opened her new business, the Botanist, in this revitalized area this week.

“We are honored to be a part of it, since we opened Cafe Smitten almost six years ago, we have watched downtown grow and blossom into something beautiful,” said Bitton.

As for the streets being improved, Gonzales shares that he plans to begin construction by this time next year.

“It’s not just simply installing a few lights or planting a few trees there’s a lot of infrastructure underneath the surface that really is required and we’re designing that right now,” said Gonzales.

Yet for business owners in that area, like Mariam Alqaisi of Radio Sandwich, this is a temporary process for a permanent benefit.

“I’m excited to look at a tree instead of a wall, I feel like I’m excited to move the bars off [the windows] of my business, I feel that the short disruption is worth the long-term gain.”

She hopes this will change how people feel about downtown for years to come.

“It won’t just be like a ‘I’m curious to see what’s going on downtown but it’s not really for me’ sort of reaction they will see that this is a place where people come and perhaps open more business.'”