BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — A new medical procedure in town is changing patients’ lives.

Having a 20/20 vision is something many dreamed of but couldn’t get. But for those who don’t qualify for laser surgery, there’s now a way to get perfect vision.

“The fact that you can’t see anything when you wake up, showering, other activities just aren’t possible, so it was definitely tough growing up,” said Princedeep Joshan.

Joshan had been wearing contacts and glasses for 18 years, but those days are over.

“This is for people who don’t have cataracts, who have higher degrees of nearsightedness and astigmatism, who aren’t candidates for Lasik,” said Dr. Daniel Chang, Refractive Surgeon with Empire Eye and Laser Center, “So the idea is I can put a lens implant in the eye and correct the vision, while leaving the natural lens intact, and not having to laser the cornea.”

Empire Eye and Laser Center is the first place to offer EVO ICL in Kern County, only a handful of surgeries have been performed. Joshan is one of them, and having a prescription of -12, was life-changing for him.

“Just an hour after the surgery I was already able to start seeing, I was emotional. It felt like a dream, but it was real, reality,” said Joshan

“This procedure tends to be for patients with higher degrees of near sightedness. So, it can go down to a moderate degree of -5 is the technical range, but typically is for patients in the minus 8 to -10 or -12 which is double digits. I believe it goes up to -20,” said Dr. Chang.

Joshan wants anyone out there who is a candidate like him, to take this life-changing decision.

“Surgery day was crazy, oh man, I want other people to experience that. Its an unforgettable feeling. Childhood went by like that but adulthood is going to be crystal clear going forward.” said Princedeep Joshan.

EVO ICL surgery costs a little over $8 thousand for both eyes.

To know if you’re a candidate you can call Empire Eye and Laser Center at 661-325-EYES (3937).